On April 21, the Orinda Junior Women’s Club presented the winners of our annual Youth Ink Writing Contest. This year, 46 Orinda middle school students submitted entries inspired by the writing prompt Future.  We are proud to announce the winners of contest for 2016:


1st Place: Julia Sato Bridge: (Noun) [brij]
2nd Place: Cecily Bartsch – My Future
3rd Place: Deborah Jung – One Half of Us

Honorable Mention:
(alphabetical order)

Nisha Andrews – Once Upon A Time
Alison Gan – A Turing Test
Tess Hornbeck – When Morning Comes
Sophia Kofoed – Flying to the Stars and Back
Amrita Pannu – A New Role Model
Ilana Rubin – Life
Natalie Sovocool – Et Respice Finem
Lauren Staelin – For Alanna
Tenley Thompson – A Life of Expression
Eva Winter – Narnia

Our evening concluded with a talk with our special guest speaker, Maura Wolf.

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